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STREET TV „TOP PROJECT WORLDWIDE“ IS A GAMECHANGER: THE NEW OUTDOOR TRANSFORMATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL LED-VIDEOWALLS TECHNOLOGY! STREET TV „TOP PROJECT WORLDWIDE“ is a GAMECHANGER: the new outdoor transformation in the development of the MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL LED-VIDEOWALLS TECHNOLOGY! 🙂 STREET TV is a GAMECHANGER: with the huge transformation in the development of the MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL LED-VIDEOWALLS TECHNOLOGY. Our STREET TV – LED-VIDEOWALLS are progressively replacing traditional static, two-dimensional poster advertisements in all cities worldwide. 🙂 This is absolutely the EXTRAORDINARY, UNIQUE & AMAZING, MOST PROFITABLE VISION, „Top Project Worldwide“ of the last centuries! 🙂 „The true ability to achieve huge profits, obtaining the maximum return on investment in a very short time & growing the turnover exponentially, without a perceptible risk“! 🙂 Basically, we’re the only real alternative to classic paper billboards, rolling boards and prism walls in every city in the world. We’re ~100 times cheaper, and up to ~100 times more efficient! Also, we update hundreds of TV-Advertisings every day with just one click! 🙂 This will be the beginning of the new – STREET TV „Real MEDIA-TREND“ Worldwide -! 🙂 We’ll start in soon our STREET TV – „Top Project Worldwide“, with the first tall building in a big city (~1.000+ m²), then everyone will be able to see „LIVE“ on their own PC, on our NEW WEBSITE, all the TV-Advertisings „IN REAL TIME „in all our Top-Locations, in different cities around the world (all our LED-VIDEOWALLS are equipped with LIVE-CAMERAS)! 🙂 From that moment on, our Top-Locations in the urban areas of all cities will multiply themselves around the world, as well as our extremely high Profits, and will grow EXPONENTIALLY! 🙂 So, than every investors will see & believe, and finally read more of the first 2 lines about of our „Top Project Worldwide“! But after that, it will be too late for them, to become our stakeholders! We won’t need them anymore! 🙂 Our TV-Advertisers are coming to us themselves and pay us the full year of advertising in just 1 WEEK in advance payment! 🙂 As we‘ll achieve a Top Revenue of up to ~900.0+ M € in the 1st year (in advance payment, within a FEW WEEKS only!) and ~15.0+ BILLION € within the first 3 years of operation! 🙂 It is high time to install our brand-new, very THIN, TRANSPARENT & CURTAIN-like, huge LED-VIDEOWALLS on tall Buildings worldwide. 🙂 The OWNERS of office TOWERS, large HOTELS, etc. they won’t earn much money in the next years! 🙂 The OWNERS of tall Buildings will NOT ONLY EARN a high RENTAL (~200,000+ €/year + more benefits) for their own locations (Top-Turnover/Top Location: up to ~30.0+ M€/year). 🙂 In our case they will also share the extremely high Profit from the Global-Sales of ~900.0+ M€ in the 1st year of operation, from big TV-Advertisers like Google, Amazon, etc (with pre-payment only!). 🙂 TOP-FORECAST Sales/Top Location/year: ~30.0+ M€ (~100 to ~10,000 m²) 🙂 ~250,000.00+ € x ~24 TV-Advertisers/Top Location = ~6.0+ M€ (min.) 🙂 ~6.0+ M€ x ~30+ Top-Locations: ~180.0+ M€ (min.) 🙂 ~30.0+ M€ x ~30+ Top-Locations: =up to ~900.0+ M€ (max.) 🙂 (~30+ Top-Location in the 1st year of operation, and every year ~30+ more) 🙂 GLOBAL SALES in the 1st year of operation: up to ~900.0+ M€ 🙂 STREET TV will reach a Group-Value: 🙂 within the 1st year of operation: ~5.0+ BILLION € 🙂 within the 3st year of operation: ~15.0+ BILLION € 🙂 within the 10 years of operation: ~50.0+ BILLION € 🙂 = a Real „UNICORN-STARTUP“! 🙂 GOT IT? DON’T LOSE TIME! 🙂 STREET TV Vienna 🙂 STREETTV Vienna 🙂 STREET TV Austria 🙂 STREET TV – Top-Project-Worldwide 🙂 Investor searching for STREET TV – Top-Project-Worldwide 🙂 STREET TV Webseite (Temporary) 🙂 STREET TV, COO Nicola Teti
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